Dr. Brian Griffiths
The Earth Commons, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
Georgetown University
Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER)
Hello! My name is Dr. Brian Griffiths and I am a human ecologist at Georgetown University, where I am an Assistant Teaching Professor in The Earth Commons (Graduate School of Arts and Sciences), and the Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research (ACEER), where I am the Director of Research. I study tropical ecology and the hunting of mammals and birds in the Peruvian Amazon. I take an interdisciplinary approach to research, applying methods from participatory mapping and interviews to complex spatial and statistical models. Most of my research is conducted in collaboration with the Indigenous Maijuna people of Loreto, Peru, with the objective of conserving Maijuna culture and ancestral lands.

I believe that scientific research is given utility if it is communicated, so I use digital storytelling to give context to my research in a multimedia format that is accessible to the general public. I volunteer as the Director of Outreach of OnePlanet, an NGO that is focused on biocultural conservation and sustainable economic development in the Amazon.
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Contact Information
Email: Brian.Griffiths@georgetown.edu
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