This is a short post about a connection I made today because it was kind of a cool moment. I was out and about in the community looking for anyone that was around to do interviews with. I stopped by one of the schoolteachers’ houses, a man named Rusber. Rusber is from another Maijuna community, Nueva Vida, and only moved to Sucusari to teach in the school. I asked Rusber some questions about hunting and then sat and chatted for a while with him and Seberino (older fellow from up the river) who was also just kind of chillin’ in the house. Rusber asked if I would do him a favor and he brought out a new Dell laptop. He said he has no idea how to use it but he wants to learn how to use it to write letters and documents and things so that he can teach his kids so that they will be more prepared for the future. He was hoping that if I had a few extra hours every now and then I could teach him how to use it, since he sees me using mine all the time. I said yeah absolutely, stop by any time – in fact I was just writing a letter to my mom on mine yesterday.
He kind of got a far-away look in his eyes and stopped talking for a second. He said I bet your mother and your family like hearing from you that’s really good. Then he said, I know how you must feel, living here without any family or friends nearby. It’s really lonely sometimes. My wife and all my friends and all my things are in Nueva Vida. I was an aguajalero in Nueva Vida, taking care of over 200 aguaje trees. I was the top producer of aguaje fruit. Now, nobody is taking care of my trees either. I love to teach, but I hope my wife comes to visit soon. She said she is going to in October. It’s really lonely when you have a lot of work, like washing the dishes and the clothes and cooking and you have nobody to talk to. Are you excited for Katie to come in January?
I said yeah, I know what you mean, and I am definitely excited that I won’t be by myself after that. It’ll be really nice to have her around. He said yeah it will be really nice – and if you ever want to chat or hang out before then, come on by. We are the only ones here that are solito.
I said I think I’ll take you up on that Rusber, my friend.

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