When I'm not doing research or teaching, I'm taking photographs! I have been shooting portraits for many years now and I love to connect with new people and use images to tell their stories. I book client-based photography by request only, so please send us a message!
This is my awesome photo assistant Katie! She works in public health, with a focus on infectious and zoonotic diseases. Katie always has a stylistic eye and a vision for what images should look like.
Interested in booking a shoot?
Send us a message using the box below! Here is a short guide to general pricing information and some frequently asked questions. All prices include:

- Editing of any photos that require it
- Digital copies of as many photos from the shoot as you'd like. For a one-hour shoot, this is usually between 200 and 300 photos.
- Quick turnaround time of just a few days to get you the photos
- All equipment needed for the shoot

Photography Fees:
All of our shoots, with the exception of surprise proposals, are based on a flat-rate system to make quotes simple. For shoots outside of the D.C. metro area, we have a travel surcharge of $3 per mile of driving. If you choose to book through Thumbtack, there is a third-party fee of $25.

Half-hour Portrait Session (typically ~125 final images):
One-hour Portrait Session (most shoots, typically ~250 final images):
Two-hour Portrait Session (many, many final images):
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I bring my dog to the shoot? 
YES! Anything cute with fur is welcome. We love dogs.

Do you photograph surprise proposals?
Yes, I have done many surprise proposals. Please send a message and we will provide a quote and make a plan; pricing for proposals is separate from engagement photography. Our quotes for surprise proposals are different from our typical flat rates because they often include scoping out a site, arriving very early, and special circumstances for the photography itself.

What equipment do you use?
I use some of the best portrait gear in the business. I use a Nikon D850 and a series of Sigma ART lenses, which create absolutely stunning effects with vivid colors and high resolution.

How do you accept payment?
I can accept electronic payment via Venmo (@BrianGriff) or PayPal (bgriff@udel.edu) after I send you your photos! I am also happy to accept cash or a check if that works better. 

How should we prepare for the shoot?
If you have a specific style of photo you really like, please send me a message ahead of time with some examples! Check out a few locations. Anywhere with greenery is my favorite and is suited to my style. For clothing, I always recommend pastel colors. Patterns are okay, but tight patterns (i.e. pinstripes) generally don't look as nice.

Can I post the photos on the internet?
Yes! Please share them with anyone and everyone; they will not be watermarked. I only ask that you do not sell the images for stock photos as I retain the creative rights to the photos.

Do you have a studio?
No, I do not have a studio. I always opt towards natural light, although I do have experience with flash photography. I can however create studio-like effects using natural light.
Have a request, comment, thought, or question? Let us know below!
Cheers for your message! I will get back to you soon!

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